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    What to see and do in the province of Malaga

    In Info Tour Málaga you will find the best places in the entire province

    You still have much to discover We want to share with you different places, experiences, and sensations that you will find on the Costa Del Sol in Malaga.

    Get to know the province of Malaga

    Having the opportunity to live in this incredible city, we couldn’t help but boast about each beach, mountain, river, sunset and sunrise landscape.

    Every corner of Malaga tastes different, so you won’t get tired even in a thousand years. With this local blog, we aim to share the most attractive and acclaimed sites in our province, so that you too can boast of having visited the best places in Malaga. Among the enormous variety of attractions and places you can visit in our province, we have chosen the most highly rated, the ones we liked the most, and the most recommended.

    If you visit Malaga, feel at home, but don’t forget to take care of it Respect the environment.🌱 It’s everyone’s home

    Do Active Tourism in Malaga

    Experience Fishing Boat Trips in Benalmadena

    Enjoy a fantastic day at sea with our boat fishing trips in Benalmadena

    Catamaran trip in Puerto Marina, Benalmadena

    Enjoy a wonderful day with a boat trip, admire the views of Benalmádena and enjoy the sea on an exciting luxury catamaran ride, feel the breeze, the company and the ambient music.

    Authentic excursion on a classic sailboat in the port of Benalmadena

    Experience a maritime excursion to get out of the routine. I want to share with you the opportunity to take a sea excursion on a sailboat in Benalmádena through the waters of the Mediterranean. And as usual, in this article I tell you about the experience, how, when and where.

    Boats Rental with and without License in Benalmadena Port

    Boats with and without a rental license in the Port of Benalmadena

    A Day Trip through the Center of Málaga in one day

    Te mostramos una ruta a pie por el centro de Málaga, para conocer mejor su historia, cultura y gastronomía.

    Chillar River Route

    The Chillar River Hiking Route is a very popular route, even with children, which takes place along the Chillar River bed.

    As you can imagine, in Malaga, there are plenty of multi-adventure and active tourism activities.

    For example, if you plan to come alone with friends, with your family, or with your partner, there are fantastic options to choose from. You have at your disposal activities where you can spend a peaceful and enjoyable time or, if you prefer, a good adrenaline rush by engaging in extreme sports.

    Time to choose an activity

    Mountain routes and excursions

    Hiking trails, or a walk along a river in the province. You can also venture into the mountains and go canyoning. Remember not to go alone if you’re not familiar with these places. There are groups and companies dedicated to these activities.

    Boat tours

    With the Mediterranean Sea and the Strait of Gibraltar being so close, it was impossible for the province of Malaga not to have boat rental services and maritime excursions.

    Motorbike routes and circuits

    And what if now we have guided quad bike tours, 4×4 excursions, Buggies, Karting, and other similar activities?

    Fly over Malaga

    If all the above seems too little to you, then try flying over Malaga in a helicopter, small plane, hot air balloon, paragliding, and other exciting opportunities.

    The best beaches in Malaga

    Hidden beaches and coves in the province of Malaga

    Most of the hidden beaches in the province of Malaga are located in the eastern region, specifically in the town of Nerja.

    Cabopino Beach – Artola Dunes

    The Cabopino Beach or Artola Beach, is an isolated beach in Marbella, considered one of the best beaches on the Costa del Sol. Here, you will feel a great connection with nature because it features a landscape with dunes and areas with delicate native vegetation such as sea daffodils or junipers, in other words, freedom.

    The 5 best beaches in Malaga

    Las 5 mejores playas de Málaga. Entra y descubre los lugares más bellos para disfrutar del mar y del maravilloso sol que ofrece la Costa del Sol.

    Dog Beaches in Malaga

    Dog-friendly beach Piedra Paloma in Casares

    The dog area of Piedra Paloma beach is located at the end of the beach, near the mouth of the Manilva river.

    Beaches to go with dogs in the province of Malaga

    Are you a dog lover and want to enjoy a day at the beach with your pet in the province of Malaga?

    Dog Beach Ventura de Mar in Marbella

    The Ventura del Mar dog beach is located in the westernmost area of Nueva Andalucía Beach, in Marbella.

    Culture and more culture

    Discover the charm of the Castle of La Duquesa in Manilva

    18th century castle located on the beach of La Duquesa, offering a unique blend of history and natural beauty.

    Arabic Castle of Álora

    The Arab Castle of Álora is one of the monuments that you cannot miss if you visit this town.

    The Enlightenment Stupa: Buddhist Temple – Benalmádena

    The Stupa of Enlightenment is a Buddhist temple that represents peace, prosperity and harmony in the world, an ideal place for reflection and meditation.

    The Most Famous Statues and Sculptures in Malaga

    Estatuas y esculturas más famosas de Málaga, con las que conocer mejor parte de la historia de esta ciudad.

    Activities and leisure

    Parque de la Paloma in Benalmadena

    The Parque de La Paloma de Benalmádena is an essential visit for the whole family if you travel to Malaga, especially if you travel with children and are looking for activities to do in Malaga.

    Pedro Luis Alonso Gardens

    The Pedro Luis Alonso Gardens have a blend of Hispano-Arabic and French influences. They are part of the collection of historical gardens in Málaga.

    La Concepción Botanical and Historical Garden

    La Concepción garden, one of the most beautiful and important open-air tropical and subtropical gardens in Spain and Europe.

    Gastronomy: What to eat in Malaga

    Malaga’s Pitufo

    What is a "pitufo" in Malaga? Don't think about the cartoon characters, just sit down in a bar and order "Ponme un pitufo mixto y un mitad".

    Algarrobo Cakes: Typical cakes from Malaga

    Algarrobo Cakes are a traditional dessert from the town of Algarrobo, in the Axarquía region. They are one of the most popular cakes in Málaga.

    Bars and restaurants to go with your dog in Malaga

    We leave you a list of bars and restaurants that you can go to with your pet in peace, both in Malaga and in some towns.

    The Chiringuitos in Malaga

    How delightful it is to feel the warmth of summer, go to the beach, feel the sea breeze and that characteristic smell, and of course, take a dip in the ocean. But something that cannot be missed are the beach bars or "chiringuitos".

    Where to eat the “Plato de los Montes de Málaga”?

    The Plato de Los Montes is a combined dish, typical of Malaga's cuisine, a classic of the restaurants in Málaga, especially in the Colmenar Road, known as the Montes de Malaga Road.

    Gazpachuelo malagueño

    Gazpachuelo is a traditional dish of Málaga's gastronomy that comes in different versions. It is a mild and creamy first course.

    What to eat while in Malaga

    After spending a whole day doing activities and visiting places in Malaga, you will surely be thinking about eating something.

    When it comes to choosing a place to eat and fill your stomach, some epic places and dishes come to mind in Malaga.

    So, let’s go eat something!

    Between the sea and the mountains, the Mediterranean and the Serrania, Malaga has a great assortment of dishes from Mediterranean cuisine, such as fresh fish from the sea and good game meat, accompanied by vegetables from the great harvests of the fertile plain.