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    Villages of Malaga

    The province of Malaga is known for its diversity, reflected in its charming villages nestled between the sea and the mountains. These are distributed across six regions: Serranía de Ronda, Costa del Sol Occidental, Valle del Guadalhorce, Antequera, Málaga, and La Axarquía.

    Coastal towns

    The coastal towns stand out for their beaches and unique charm, while the inland villages are surrounded by impressive natural landscapes such as the Gaitanes Gorge in El Chorro, the Nerja Caves, the deep Tajo de Ronda, or the marvelous Torcal de Antequera.

    White villages

    The white villages such as Mijas, Ronda, Frigiliana, and Gaucín, are rich in historical and cultural heritage. With their whitewashed facades, red roofs, and steep streets, they are a delight to explore. Discover their beauty in our detailed guide of each village.

    Want to explore these villages of Malaga in detail? Our comprehensive guide of each village will show you the must-see spots during your visit.

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    What to see and do in Ronda?

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    What to see and do in Mijas?

    Mijas, a charming white village, showcases the typical Andalusian image. It is one of the most visited towns on the Costa del Sol, offering a lot to see and explore.

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