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    Children's parks

    Explore the Children’s Parks of Málaga

    Discover the Children’s Parks of Málaga, where fun and learning come together in environments designed to inspire children. This category guides you through the best play spaces in the city, ideal for the entertainment and development of the little ones.

    Safe and Creative Play Areas

    These spaces are designed to stimulate the imagination and physical activity of children, providing a safe environment for climbing, sliding, and swinging, and offer a variety of modern and safe games.

    Parks with Nature and Art

    Discover parks that combine play areas with small zoos, ponds, and artistic sculptures. These spaces offer educational and enriching experiences, ideal for family learning and exploration.

    The Magic of Playing Outdoors Themed Parks for Children

    From parks inspired by fairy tales to those with a movie theme, Malaga offers a variety of options to awaken children’s curiosity.

    Spaces for Picnics and Family Celebrations

    Find the best parks to organize a picnic or celebrate a birthday outdoors. These parks offer not only games, but also large green areas to enjoy special moments with the family.

    The 12 best playgrounds for children in Málaga

    Discover the best outdoor playgrounds for children in Málaga and the province: guaranteed fun for your little ones!

    Cinema Park in Malaga Capital

    Cinema Park in Teatinos is a cinematic-themed park, featuring fantasy characters, cinematic motifs, and children's books, creating a magical atmosphere for visitors of all ages.

    Parque del Oeste (West Park) in Málaga

    The Parque del Oeste in Malaga is much more than a simple green space; a place where nature, sports, art and entertainment meet to offer an unforgettable experience.

    Parque de la Paloma in Benalmádena

    The Parque de La Paloma de Benalmádena is an essential visit for the whole family if you travel to Malaga, especially if you travel with children and are looking for activities to do in Malaga.

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