Balcony of Europe in Nerja: A Window to the Mediterranean


Nerja, located on the sparkling Costa del Sol, is home to one of Spain’s most spectacular treasures: the Balcony of Europe. This stunning viewpoint in Nerja not only offers panoramic views of the Mediterranean but is also a symbol of the rich history and culture of the region.

History and Legacy of the Balcony of Europe

A place with a history as rich as its views, the Balcony of Europe has been a silent witness to the changes over time, evolving from a fortress to the iconic viewpoint it is today.

A Walk through History

This site transformed from a defensive fortress into a symbol of the charm and beauty of Nerja, with special attention to the role of King Alfonso XII in its renown.

Why is it Called the Balcony of Europe?

The name “Balcony of Europe” originated when King Alfonso XII of Spain visited Nerja following an earthquake in 1884. Impressed by the panoramic views of the Mediterranean from this point, he proclaimed it as a balcony over the sea, and since then the place has been known by this emblematic name.

Mediterranean Panorama

This viewpoint offers stunning views, from the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea to the possibility of glimpsing the African coast on clear days.

Views from the Balcony of Europe


This viewpoint in Nerja is not just a site to admire landscapes; it is a center of culture, relaxation, and enjoyment, with activities and attractions for all tastes.

Gastronomy and Culture

Charming cafes and restaurants surround the Balcony, where you can enjoy local gastronomy while delighting in the view.

Festivals and Events

Numerous cultural events and festivals are celebrated at this iconic place throughout the year, making it a hub of meeting and celebration.

Exploring Nerja and Its Surroundings

Beyond the lookout, Nerja offers a variety of activities and sites of interest that will enrich your visit.

The Caves of Nerja and Nearby Beaches

Immerse yourself in the natural wonders, like the Caves of Nerja, and the idyllic beaches surrounding this town, perfect for nature lovers and adventurers.

How to Get to the Balcony of Europe

Getting to the lookout in Nerja is relatively simple, as Nerja is a well-connected and accessible city on the Costa del Sol.

  • By Car:
    • From Málaga, take the Mediterranean Highway A-7 eastward. Follow this road until exit 295 towards Nerja.
    • Once in Nerja, follow the signs to the city center and the Balcony of Europe. There are several parking areas nearby, although they can be quite busy during peak season.
  • By Bus:
    • From Málaga, you can take a direct bus to Nerja from the Málaga bus station. The company Alsa offers regular services.
    • Once at the Nerja bus station, you can walk to the viewpoint, which is approximately 1 km away, or take a taxi or local bus.

You can follow the directions on Google Maps: click here.