Bars and restaurants to go with your dog in Malaga


It’s good to know which bars and restaurants to go with your dog if you’re planning to travel to Malaga with your dog. Some places even provide a water bowl without even asking for it.

According to the new ordinance of Malaga Capital, which came into force in April 2017, and is published in the BOP, pets have access to hotels, restaurants, shops, and banks unless expressly prohibited by the competent authority.

Thanks to this legislation, we should not have any problems if we sit on a terrace of a bar or restaurant, but if we want to go inside, we must know the establishments that allow pets.


Here are the “dog-friendly” bars and restaurants where dogs are allowed in Malaga Capital:

  • Añil Croquetería Bar (Álamos, 6) — IR
  • Astrid Tapería Orgánica y Sana (Calderón de la Barca, 6) — IR
  • Bar Anchoíta (Plaza del Teatro, 3) — IR
  • Benarti Café (San Juan, 40) — IR
  • Brunchit Coffee and Kitchen (Carretería, 46) — IR
  • Café con libros (Plaza de la Merced, 19) — IR
  • Cafetería Dulces Dreams (Plaza de los Mártires, 6) — IR
  • Calle de Bruselas (Plaza de la Merced, 16) — IR
  • Desal Café-Brunch & Juices (Nosquera, 2) — IR
  • El Carmen Tapas (Plaza de la Merced, 21) — IR
  • El Apartamento Gastrobar (Calle Carretería, 92) — IR
  • El Piano (Vegano) (San Juan de Letrán, 13) — IR
  • Green Iguana Bar (Ramón Franquelo, 8) — IR
  • Julia Bakery (Carretería, 44) — IR
  • La Galerna (Paseo marítimo El Pedregal, 66) — IR
  • La Mejillonería – Croquetería (Ramón Franquelo, 8) — IR
  • La Plaza Málaga “Alcazabilla” (Alcazabilla, 7) — IR
  • Monte Culebra (San Juan de Letrán, 13) — IR
  • New Clandestino (Calle Niño de Guevara, 3) — IR
  • Noviembre Healthy Food (Álamos, 18), — IR
  • Recyclo Bike Café (Plaza Enrique García Herrera) — IR
  • Restaurante La Plaza (Plaza de la Merced, 18), They even put a chicken nugget on your dog’s food — IR
  • Sacio Bar (Martínez Maldonado, 69) — IR


And these dog-friendly bars and restaurants to go with your dog in towns of the province of Malaga:

  • Biker Bar – La Cebolla de Cristal (Miguel De María Luque, 7, Estepona) — IR
  • Blackberry Café (Calle Churruca, Fuengirola) — IR
  • Bodega San Bernabé (Calle Carlos Mackintosh, 3 Local 17, Marbella) — IR
  • Chiki Beach Club (Paseo Marítimo Mezquitilla s/n, Algarrobo Costa) — IR
  • La Cueva de las Tapas (Juan Ramón Jiménez, 2, Fuengirola) — IR
  • La Domadora y el León Craft Beer Store (San Sebastián, 61, Frigiliana) — IR
  • La Libélula Vegan Café (Periana,1 Detrás Farmacia Camino Coín, Fuengirola) — IR
  • La Tetería (Marconi, 34, Fuengirola) — IR
  • Morabella Playa (Paseo Marítimo Virgen Del Carmen, 12, Rincón de la Victoria) — IR
  • Nuevo Café El Atrio (Casablanca, 13 Esq danza invisible, Torremolinos) — IR
  • Restaurante La Terraza de Mangoa (Calle Carril de la Laguna, s/n – Torre del Mar) — IR
  • Restaurante La Viborilla (Ctra. de Cádiz, km. 218, Benalmádena) — IR
  • San Chocolate (Calle San Pancracio, 6, Fuengirola) — IR
  • Tragatá (Nueva, 4, Ronda) — IR

Additionally, there is an app called “Malaguau” created by the City Council of Malaga that can be downloaded for free on both Android and Apple devices. The app includes geolocated locations of establishments in the city where dogs are allowed to enter. It also features information on dog parks, veterinarians, and dog-friendly accommodations.

The Malaguau app also has a tab with information on the regulations for owning animals, including the new ordinance on Animal Welfare, Protection, and Responsible Ownership, which was published in the BOP on April 12, 2017, to learn about the rights and responsibilities of pet ownership in the city of Malaga.

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