Pedro Luis Alonso Gardens


The Pedro Luis Alonso Gardens in Malaga were designed by Fernando Guerrero Strachan in 1945 and built in 1947. They are named after the first mayor of Málaga after the civil war. The gardens showcase a mix of Hispano-Arabic and French influences, arranged in a geometric layout. They are part of the historical gardens collection in Málaga.

Covering an area of approximately 6,500 m2, the gardens feature various plants and benches where visitors can enjoy reading and the sun.

Where are the Pedro Luis Alonso Gardens located in Malaga?

They are situated next to the City Hall, so if you decide to visit these gardens, make sure to also see the City Hall building, which is worth a visit.

From the top of the Alcazaba of Málaga and Gibralfaro Castle, you can see these gardens.

What plants can be found in the Pedro Luis Alonso Gardens?

In the Pedro Luis Alonso Gardens, you can find trees such as orange trees, mandarin trees, and cypresses, surrounding several ponds. However, the most significant feature is the large rose garden.

In 2009, the gardens were renovated, and a large portion of the cypresses were replaced with rose bushes, creating the most comprehensive collection of roses in southern Spain. There are over 10,000 rose bushes with 70 different rose varieties.

This is a highly recommended visit for tourists and locals alike, where you can not only enjoy the vibrant colors of red, white, yellow, mauve, and blue roses, but also experience the delightful fragrance of roses.

Rosales en los Jardines de Pedro Luis Alonso
Rose bushes in the Gardens of Pedro Luis Alonso

Height of the Biznaguero in the Gardens of Pedro Luis Alonso.

Within the Pedro Luis Alonso Gardens, you will find a symbol of Málaga, the Statue of the Biznaguero. This sculpture, created by Jaime Fernández Pimentel in 1963, represents the traditional biznaguero, a vendor of “biznagas” – a traditional flower arrangement of jasmine.

Estatua del biznaguero en los Jardines de Pedro Luis Alonso, Málaga
Statue of the biznaguero

The statue depicts a character dressed in the typical attire, holding bouquets of biznagas in his left hand, with his right hand resting on his face and looking up at the sky, symbolizing the promotion of biznagas for sale.

Estatua del biznaguero
Statue of the biznaguero

How to get to the gardens of Pedro Luis Alonso in Malaga?