Algarrobo Cakes: Typical cakes from Malaga


What are Algarrobo Cakes?

Algarrobo Cakes are a traditional dessert from the town of Algarrobo, in the Axarquía region. They are one of the most popular cakes in Málaga and a true delight for pastry lovers.

Imagen Tortas de Algarrobo
Algarrobo Cakes

History and Tradition


The history of this Cakes dates back to the time when the Arabs occupied the Iberian Peninsula. These delicious cakes have been traditionally made for centuries and were considered a treat reserved for special occasions and celebrations.


Over time, Algarrobo Cakes have become part of the daily gastronomy of the region. They have become a popular product for breakfast and afternoon snacks, cherished by both locals and visitors.

Traditional Recipes Passed Down Through Generations

Each family used to have its own recipe for Algarrobo Cakes, passed down from mothers to daughters. This variety of recipes has enriched the tradition and allowed for different versions of this beloved sweet treat.

Preparation and Notable Producers.

Ingredients and Preparation

Algarrobo Cakes are made using ingredients such as sugar, cinnamon, aniseed, flour, extra virgin olive oil, almonds, and yeast. These ingredients are carefully combined to achieve the distinctive texture and flavor of these cakes.

Carmen Lupiáñez Cakes: Preserving the Essence

Carmen Lupiáñez is the leading producer of Algarrobo Cakes. They have maintained the essence of this traditional dessert, improving only the quality of the ingredients used in its preparation. They source local products, such as Hojiblanca extra virgin olive oil from Antequera, almonds from Cártama, and green aniseed from Cuevas Bajas.

Imagen Tortas de Algarrobo Carmen Lupiañez
Carmen Lupiañez

La Caleteña: A Delicious Alternative

La Caleteña is another prominent company. They use wheat flour, sunflower oil instead of extra virgin olive oil, cinnamon, yeast, aniseed, and almonds. While their recipe has slight variations, they continue to offer cakes of excellent quality and taste.

Imagen Tortas de Algarrobo La Caleteña
La Caleteña

Panadería y Pastelería Ramos: A Tradition of Almost 40 Years

Panadería y Pastelería Ramos, located in La Caleta de Vélez, has been making these cakes for almost four decades. Additionally, they were the first to create Algarrobo Cake nougat.

Imagen Tortas de Algarrobo Ramos