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    Explore the immortalized art: Statues and Sculptures of Málaga capital

    Discover the rich artistic history of Málaga through its statues and sculptures. From historical monuments to contemporary creations, each sculpture tells a story and reflects the culture and heritage of Málaga.

    Admire the grandeur of the Picasso Statue, dedicated to the famous painter born in Málaga. It represents the genius and artistic legacy of one of the most influential artists of the 20th century.

    Contemplate the emblematic statue of the Marqués de Larios, located on the bustling Marqués de Larios street. A symbol of Málaga’s history and elegance, paying tribute to a prominent figure in the city’s development.

    Explore the sculpture collection in the Parque de Málaga, where you will find a wide variety of outdoor art pieces.

    We invite you to immerse yourself in the artistic richness of the city. Let yourself be amazed by the beauty and talent of the artists who have left their mark in this charming city, as you explore its streets and squares full of history and culture.

    The Most Famous Statues and Sculptures in Malaga

    Estatuas y esculturas más famosas de Málaga, con las que conocer mejor parte de la historia de esta ciudad.

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