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    Gardens and parks

    Explore the natural beauty of Malaga in its gardens and parks

    Immerse yourself in a world of colorful flowers, majestic trees, and peaceful green spaces by discovering the parks of Malaga.

    Explore historical and contemporary gardens

    From the iconic Pedro Luis Alonso Gardens to the modern Parque de Málaga, each garden and park offers a unique and fascinating experience.

    And not only those in the capital, but throughout the province, such as the fantastic Parque de la Batería in Torremolinos or the Parque de la Paloma in Benalmadena, which will make for a fantastic day out with the family, offering great attractions for children.

    Enjoy outdoor activities

    Whether you want to take a leisurely stroll, have a picnic in nature, or engage in outdoor sports, Málaga provides the perfect setting.

    Indulge in moments of relaxation, adventure, and connection with the natural surroundings in this charming coastal city.

    The 12 best playgrounds for children in Málaga

    Discover the best outdoor playgrounds for children in Málaga and the province: guaranteed fun for your little ones!

    Cinema Park in Malaga Capital

    Cinema Park in Teatinos is a cinematic-themed park, featuring fantasy characters, cinematic motifs, and children's books, creating a magical atmosphere for visitors of all ages.

    Parque del Oeste (West Park) in Málaga

    The Parque del Oeste in Malaga is much more than a simple green space; a place where nature, sports, art and entertainment meet to offer an unforgettable experience.

    Inca Mill Botanical Garden in Torremolinos

    The Inca Mill Botanical Garden in Torremolinos is a natural refuge that combines history, botanical diversity, and a picturesque Japanese garden.

    Parque de la Paloma in Benalmádena

    The Parque de La Paloma de Benalmádena is an essential visit for the whole family if you travel to Malaga, especially if you travel with children and are looking for activities to do in Malaga.

    Pedro Luis Alonso Gardens

    The Pedro Luis Alonso Gardens have a blend of Hispano-Arabic and French influences. They are part of the collection of historical gardens in Málaga.

    La Concepción Botanical and Historical Garden

    La Concepción garden, one of the most beautiful and important open-air tropical and subtropical gardens in Spain and Europe.

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