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    Traditions and history

    Discover the rich traditions and history of Malaga

    Immerse yourself in the past and traditions of Malaga with our comprehensive category dedicated to its history and cultural heritage. Explore fascinating historical events, traditional festivals, and deeply-rooted customs in this charming city.

    Uncover the history of Malaga

    Malaga has witnessed numerous historical events that have left an indelible mark on its identity.

    Immerse yourself in Malaga’s traditions

    Discover the unique and captivating traditions that are part of the Malagan culture.

    Explore this category and be enchanted by the cultural legacy of Malaga!

    Old Town of Málaga

    Discover one of the most emblematic places in Málaga, the Old Town. Don't miss out on what you must see and do there!

    The jábega: traditional Malaga boat

    The jábega is a traditional boat from the province of Malaga and is a true symbol of Malaga.

    Malaga words in gastronomy

    Here are some typical words from Malaga's gastronomy. Don't miss out on learning how to call something in Malaga that you know by another name. 👀

    The Cenachero

    The Cenachero is one of the symbols of Malaga, referring to the old fisherman who sold fresh fish on the streets.

    Holy Week in Málaga

    Holy Week in Málaga is a tradition that dates back to the time of the Catholic Monarchs and has been declared an international tourist interest.

    Verdiales in Málaga

    Verdiales are unique fandangos, sung and danced with the accompaniment of string and percussion instruments (violin, guitars, tambourine, cymbals, lute, and castanets), colloquially known as the "Panda de Verdiales."

    Las Malagueñas, traditional dance

    Malagueñas is a style of traditional flamenco from Malaga, which emerged in the early 19th century and evolved from the ancient Malaga fandangos.

    Malaga words

    If you don't want to be left "cuajao" when you hear a Malagueño speak, come here and learn those very Malagueño words.

    The Biznaga Malagueña: A Gift from the Gods

    The BIZNAGA is one of the popular symbols of the capital of the Costa del Sol. As an example of this, the Biznaga de Oro is the main award at the Malaga Film Festival.

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