Gastronomic route through the best restaurants in the Montes de Malaga


If you travel to Malaga, you will surely want to enjoy its wonderful cuisine in addition to discovering the most hidden places in the city. That’s why we suggest visiting one of the most emblematic areas of the city. The Montes de Malaga, a natural area where you can not only enjoy nature in its purest form, but also taste one of Malaga’s typical dishes: the famous “Plato de los Montes” (Dish of the Mountains) in one of the best restaurants of the Montes de Malaga.

Montes de Malaga

The Montes de Malaga is a natural park located in the north of the city that covers most of the Guadalmedina River basin. We can enjoy its characteristic Aleppo pines and other species of the Mediterranean forest, as well as its fauna. But, in addition to being able to enjoy nature, the Montes de Malaga have an important gastronomic tourist offer.

Best Montes de Malaga restaurants

These ventas (typical country inns), located away from the city, offer traditional dishes, as well as wonderful panoramic views.


Starting the route from Fuente Olletas to Colmenar, along the A-7000 road, we can find numerous ventas that offer traditional dishes from the area, the best restaurants to eat the Plate of the Mountains of Malaga, migas (a typical dish of breadcrumbs) or even stews. Among all of them, we mention some such as:

Climbing up the old road to Colmenar, we find a classic of the mountains, the restaurant Trepaolla, which offers spectacular panoramic views, a terrace, and good accessibility. This restaurant is famous for its grill, offering spectacular grilled meats and fish, but also offers a version of the Plate of the Mountains in its menu, which is accompanied with migas and is known as “A lo bestia” (In a beastly way), as well as other dishes such as tripe or lamb. It has a children’s area, accessible entrance, parking, and toilets.

Dish of the Mountains, Trepaolla Restaurant


Continuing the ascent towards the mountains, we come across Hotel La Minilla and Ventorrillo de Santa Clara, two adjacent establishments. The Hotel Restaurant La Minilla may be more expensive than usual in the area, although the attention received and the quality of its dishes leave its customers satisfied. We can find everything from Russian salad to spectacular meats, and it’s one of the few places in the area that offers meat cooked on a stone. Its menu also includes dishes such as gazpachuelo, stews, migas, among others. It has a fireplace, panoramic views, parking, and accessible entrance and restrooms.

La Minilla Restaurant Lounge
Grilled meats, La Minilla Restaurant


Ventorrillo de Santa Clara, very close to Fuente Olletas, offers the Plate of the Mountains, among other options such as good meats; rib steaks, lamb chops, tripe, eggplants or exquisite desserts. It has a fireplace, parking, and accessible entrance and restrooms.

Plate of the Mountains, Restaurant Ventorrillo Santa Clara
Lamb shoulder, Ventorrillo Santa Clara Restaurant


Further up the itinerary, we find Restaurant Los Tres Cincos, which offers a varied culinary offer highlighting dishes such as gazpachuelo, ajoblanco, goat in almond sauce, rice, lomo en manteca, or a good fillet steak in Málaga wine. There are also grilled meats and the famous Plate of the Mountains and migas. There are also options for celiacs. It has a fireplace, children’s area, parking, and accessible entrance and restrooms.

Lounge Restaurant Los 3 cincos
Los Montes Dish, Los 3 Cincos Restaurant


Continuing up towards Colmenar, we find two important establishments in the itinerary: El Boticario and El Mijeño. In both cases, we find typical dishes and wines from the area and spectacular views like in the other restaurants in the area. At Venta El Boticario, in addition to the typical Plate of the Mountains, we find oxtail or “A lo bestia” dish on the menu. It has a fireplace, parking, children’s area, and accessible entrance.


At Venta El Mijeño, we find dishes for celiacs, in addition to the gastronomic offer of the typical Plate of the Mountains, migas, and goat, with a children’s area and parking.


Continuing along the same road, we come across Venta El Detalle, where in addition to the typical dish of the Montes de Málaga, we can taste many other homemade dishes such as wild boar in sauce or garlic goat. It offers panoramic views, chimneys, a children’s area, and parking.

Plate of Los Montes, Sale The detail


Next to one of the landmarks of this road, a fountain, we find the Bar de La Fuente de la Reina. An essential stop for many cyclists who stop for breakfast or a snack. A very suitable place for hikers in the area. Besides enjoying the typical dish of the Montes and the “A lo bestia” Migas, we can choose other options such as rabbit in garlic or vegetarian dishes. It has an accessible entrance.

Fountain of the Queen, Montes de Málaga


At one of the highest points on the road, on the old Madrid road, better known as the “Cuesta de la Reina,” we find Venta Puerto del León, since 1999, where we can taste the typical dish of the Montes and the good migas, as well as numerous stew dishes. It also offers dishes such as Malaga-style berzas made with green beans, tripe with chickpeas, rabbit with garlic, goat with almond sauce, and marinated pork ribs on its menu. With panoramic views and a friendly, welcoming, and family atmosphere.

Migas in Puerto de León Restaurant


At the road that leads to Comares and Olías, you can find the famous Venta Galwey, the oldest inn in the area, dating back to before 1886. In addition to its famous gastronomic offer, it also houses an authentic ethnographic museum. It has views of the Axarquía and fireplaces. In its menu, we can find migas and lomo, as well as meats, especially game meats such as wild boar or deer.

Crumbs in the Galwey Sale
Dish of the Wildlands for Sale Galwey


We hope that with this route featuring the best restaurants to eat the best “Plato de los Montes” in Malaga, we have helped you choose. 😉