Authentic excursion on a classic sailboat in the port of Benalmadena


If you’re on the Costa Del Sol in Malaga, I want to share with you the opportunity to take a maritime excursion on a sailboat Benalmadena through the waters of the Mediterranean. And as usual, in this article I will tell you about the experience, how, when, and where


Experience of a excursion on sailboat Benalmadena

Last summer, one afternoon like any other, while I was working with my colleague, we decided to stop for a coffee in the port of Benalmádena, where we met a couple, Marga and Juan Carlos. Talking about this and that, they told us that they are the owners of a sailboat docked in the same Puerto Marina.

A classic sailboat straight out of a movie

Yes, exactly, the typical classic-style sailboat made entirely of wood with white sails and a helm like the one we’ve all seen in movies. Then they explained that they were dedicated to hosting private events, scheduled outings, and other activities.

This is what the Ocean Cruiser sailboat looks like docked in the port.

They invite us to sail

As the conversation took that turn (pun intended), we told them that we have clients who also offer maritime activities and that we had already tried some. For example, the day we went on the excursion with the Dragon de Oro catamaran or rented a boat without a license from Rent Boat Malaga to go fishing.

We talked a bit about what each of us did, the different boats and activities you could find in the port, etc.

So before saying goodbye, they proposed that we come visit them someday and go on a sailing trip with them to spot dolphins. They assured us that it’s a great experience. We exchanged contacts and went our separate ways.

It was a difficult year for everyone

As you can imagine, after a year of lockdowns, masks, and being trapped without being able to travel much, I wanted to do something enjoyable to relax and get away from this situation.

Since I lacked freedom and wanted a change of scenery, I decided to contact Marga and Juan Carlos to ask them which dates we could go sailing to see dolphins?.

We set sail on a sailboat Benalmadena

The idea of sailing on an authentic sailboat seemed like a great plan! And it certainly was. We saw dolphins (such incredible animals), swam in the sea far from the shore. And what can I say about the sensation of sailing on a sailboat, it’s like a trance. The waves, the breeze, that feeling of freedom when you look out at the horizon. It’s as if time stops with the gentle sway of the sailboat. Man has so much and needs so little. Actually, I might be getting carried away.

Watching the sunset in Malaga from the sea.

It’s interesting how different sailing on a sailboat is compared to other types of boats. Having tried different types of boats, it really caught my attention. No wonder they say it’s a unique experience.

Some curiosities about the sailboat and its history

In short, and not to go into too much detail, it is a classic sailboat made entirely of teak wood.

During the ride, they told us that the Ocean Cruiser sailboat has a 40-year history, has sailed around the world twice, and has a series of characteristic anecdotes.

Cubierta y acceso al interior del camarote.

The Ocean Cruiser sailboat has participated in television programs, beauty events, and fashion collections. They also dedicate themselves to teaching and training sailors and captains, being a Training Ship.

They collaborate with research schools, universities, and the Aula del Mar, as well as with different associations of people with disabilities.

Duration of the excursion on sailboat Benalmadena

The excursion lasted almost 2 hours, which I think was enough to try it out.

Dolphin watching from boat

If you are also looking to escape for a few hours, I recommend that you try sailing on a classic sailboat along the beautiful coast of Malaga.

Malaga, a province full of beauty, I never tire of visiting its corners.

The truth is that living and feeling is not the same as reading. I hope that the time it took me to write my brief but pleasant experience encourages you to live and experience new sensations.

Observing the coast of Malaga

Contact Information for Ocean Cruiser Sailboat Benalmadena

Lastly, I’m providing here the information on the services offered by this couple and how to locate their sailboat in the Benalmadena marina.

Boat Tours and Excursions in Sailbaot Benalmadena

Timón del velero un ideal para sacarse una foto.

Every day, from the Benalmadena marina, maritime tours and excursions are organized to spot dolphins and enjoy incredible views from the Ocean Cruiser sailboat.

Boat Rental for Private Events

Rent a sailboat with crew to celebrate a fantastic event.

  • Birthday celebrations
  • Engagement proposals
  • Bachelorette parties
  • Anniversaries
  • Wedding celebrations
  • Family gatherings
  • Team Building events

Location, Benalmádena Marina

The sailboat is located in Benalmádena Marina. Darsena de Levante Atraque 314, 29631 Benalmádena, Málaga.