Hiking Route Paseo de los Pinsapos


The Paseo de los Pinsapos is a hiking route located within the natural area of Los Reales de Sierra Bermeja, between the towns of Estepona and Genalguacil. It is home to a forest of pinsapo trees, a special species of fir trees.

Discover the Majesty of Paseo de los Pinsapos in Los Reales de Sierra Bermeja

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Los Reales de Sierra Bermeja natural area with the fascinating Paseo de los Pinsapos. This hiking route will take you through a lush forest of pinsapo trees, a unique species of fir trees found only in this region.

A Dreamlike Journey in a Unique Setting

With a length of approximately 4.5 km and an estimated duration of 2 hours, the Paseo de los Pinsapos offers you the opportunity to explore this magical corner of Estepona and Genalguacil.

A Circular Route to Discover Wonders

The circular route consists of two stunning trails: the Sendero del Paseo de los Pinsapos and the Sendero de Los Realillos. It begins with an ascent to the summit of Pico Reales, where you can reach an altitude of 1450 meters and enjoy breathtaking panoramic views.

Pico Reales, Paseo de los Pinsapos
Pico Reales


Continue your adventure to the Mirador de Salvador Guerrero, an observation point that will gift you with impressive views of Estepona, the western coast of Málaga, and even the Strait of Gibraltar. Let yourself be captivated by the majesty of this landscape and capture unforgettable moments.

Mirador de Salvador Guerrero, Paseo de los Pinsapos
Mirador de Salvador Guerrero

Return to the Starting Point

After delighting in the views from the viewpoint, the route continues descending along the road towards Puerto de Peñas Blancas. Finally, you will return to the Área Recreativa de los Reales, the starting point where you will find the information panel of the route and convenient parking for your vehicle.

Cartel informativo Área Recreativa Los Reales
Informative poster Los Reales Recreational Area

The Pinsapo

Here, we can learn all about the Pinsapo, a species of fir tree belonging to the Pinaceae family, native to the Mediterranean mountains of southern Iberian Peninsula.

At the junction between the Paseo de los Pinsapos trail and the Los Realillos trail, you will find a poem by Federico García Lorca. The poem is dedicated to the trees and is displayed on a stone and ceramic monument.

Poema Federico García Lorca a los Árboles, Paseo de los Pinsapos
Federico García Lorca Poem to the Trees

Enjoy a family hike without difficulties

A perfect experience to share with the little ones! The Paseo de los Pinsapos trail is suitable for children as it does not present major difficulties. Get ready to explore this impressive natural environment with your family.

Essential preparations for an unforgettable hike on the Paseo de los Pinsapos

Before setting off, make sure to bring everything you need to fully enjoy this hiking route. Remember to wear comfortable clothing and bring enough water to stay hydrated during the hike. Additionally, don’t forget to pack some food to recharge energy and a camera to capture special moments in this magical setting.

Create lasting memories on the Paseo de los Pinsapos with your loved ones!

Get ready for a great day in nature!!

How to get to the Paseo de los Pinsapos?

To reach the Paseo de los Pinsapos, you can follow the following directions:

From Estepona: Take the A-376 road towards Genalguacil. Continue on this road for approximately 16 km until you reach the starting point of the trail.

From Genalguacil: Take the A-376 road towards Estepona. Continue on this road for about 8 km until you reach the beginning of the trail.

Once you arrive at the starting point of the trail, you will find clear signs and an informational panel that will guide you along the Paseo de los Pinsapos. Enjoy this beautiful nature experience!

To get there, follow the directions on google maps by clicking here.