How to Order Coffee in Malaga?


Are you in the mood for a cup of coffee in Málaga?Learn to order a coffee in Malaga. Let us tell you about the unique coffee culture in Málaga and immerse you in its rich coffee tradition.

The people of Málaga have a peculiar way of ordering coffee, and in this article, we will show you how to order coffee in Malaga. The way you order depends on the amount of coffee served in each cup or glass. In this post, we will guide you on how to order coffee in Malaga

Malaga, a city full of charm and tradition, is known for its passion for coffee. Discover the coffee culture of Málaga and delve into the fascinating world of Málaga coffee.


The famous Café Central in Málaga, which opened in the early 20th century and is now closed, gave rise to the names of the different types of Málaga coffee. In the 1950s, the owner, José Prado Crespo, named the various types of coffee served in the establishment.


Santa Cristina coffee is 100% Málaga coffee, a blend with an unmistakable aroma. This company was founded in 1954 and obtained permission from the owner of Café Central to use their coffee types in their advertising, ensuring that the coffee is served in the right proportion.

Types of coffee in Malaga


Discover the unique ways of ordering coffee in Málaga. The way you order depends on the amount of coffee and milk served in each cup or glass. Here are the ten most popular types of coffee in Málaga:

SOLO: 100% coffee. Strong and pure coffee.
LARGO: 90% coffee, 10% milk. A smooth blend of coffee and milk.
SEMILARGO: 80% coffee, 20% milk. The perfect balance between coffee and milk.
SOLOCORTO: 60% coffee, 40% milk. A moderate dose of coffee.
MITAD: 50% coffee, 50% milk. A balanced blend of coffee and milk.
ENTRECORTO: 40% coffee, 60% milk. Coffee with a creamier touch.
CORTO: 30% coffee, 70% milk. A smooth and creamy coffee.
SOMBRA: 20% coffee, 80% milk. A milder and delicate cup of coffee.
NUBE: 10% coffee, 90% milk. A very mild coffee with lots of milk.

Enjoy a delightful experience with Málaga coffee and try these different variations.