Malaga words in gastronomy


And it is that Málaga also has a special vocabulary in its gastronomy, so here we leave you these malaga words so that you can become a complete Malagueño.

So be aliquindoi with these malaga words and do not quedes esmallao, that is, hungry:



Imagen Amasquillo, Málaga
Amasquillo, Málaga


Typical sandwich usually made with a mollete bread, which includes roasted chicken or ham and cheese, with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise, and well toasted in a toaster.



Imagen Chícharos o guisantes Málaga
Chícharos or pea


It is the most famous dish in Malaga, which consists of inserting fish (espetar) on a cane, currently made of metal, and roasting them with firewood on the beach sand. The most famous ones are sardines, although we can also find them with squid, sea bream, and other fish.


Typical hot dish, originally a very simple fish soup, with mayonnaise, salt, potatoes, hake or haddock, prawns and clams. Although it has many variants, some make it without fish, with rice or bread.


Coffee with milk 50%; half coffee, half milk in other words coffee with milk.


It is a short coffee with a lot of milk. In other places in Spain it is known as “manchado”.


If the “nube” falls short of coffee, we ask for a “sombra”, which is between “mitad” and “nube”.


Breakfast par excellence in Málaga. Small-sized bread, smaller than a “viena” bread. It is usually ordered “mixto” (with ham and cheese), butter and jam, “catalana” of serrano ham with tomato and oil, and anything else we can think of.


The “porra antequerana” is a cold soup typical of Antequera, although its fame has spread throughout Málaga. This soup has less water than gazpacho and slightly thicker than Cordoban salmorejo, the rest of the ingredients are similar: tomatoes, peppers, bread, oil, garlic, vinegar and salt, as well as garnish, serrano ham and egg.

Imagen porras antequeranas
Porras antequeranas


Also Malagueño churros, made with flour, water, salt and oil.