The Teatro Cervantes in Málaga: a unique space


The Teatro Cervantes, located in the heart of Málaga, is an iconic venue that has been hosting the prestigious Málaga Spanish Film Festival since 1997, becoming one of the city’s major cultural events. It is here that the coveted Biznaga de Oro award for the best film is presented.

Teatro Cervantes in Málaga: A Historic Artistic Monument

With approximately twelve hundred seats, including both stalls and boxes, the Teatro Cervantes in Málaga holds the title of Historic Artistic Monument, bestowed by the Ministry of Culture. It has also received accolades such as the 1987 Europa Nostra Award from UNESCO for its outstanding restoration. In 2005, it was classified as a Cultural Heritage Site (BIC) under the Monument category.

A Fascinating History

The Teatro Cervantes in Málaga was built in 1869 by architect Jerónimo Cuervo, with the collaboration of Valencian painter Bernardo Ferrándiz and Malaga-born Muñoz Degrain. It was constructed on the ruins of the former Teatro Príncipe Alfonso and later Teatro de la Libertad, which had been destroyed by a fire in the 19th century. In December 1870, the theater was inaugurated with Gioachino Rossini’s opera “Guillermo Tell.” Over the years, it has undergone several renovations, with the most significant taking place in 1984 when it came under the ownership of the Málaga City Council and was reinaugurated in April 1987.

Architecture and Decoration of the Teatro Cervantes in Málaga

The Teatro Cervantes features a rectangular structure with a spacious lobby and antechamber. The antechamber leads to a central horseshoe-shaped area, which houses the stalls accessible through three entrances. His side of the stalls is adorned with staircases leading to the boxes. The theater boasts a large rectangular stage that connects to the rear street of the building.

Foto: Patio de butacas y palcos del <yoastmark class=

An Artistic Gem Inside

One of the highlights of the Teatro Cervantes is its magnificent stalls, covered by a 19 by 16.5-meter oil painting called “Alegoría de la Historia, Industria y Comercio de Málaga” (Allegory of the History, Industry, and Commerce of Málaga). Painted in 1870 by Bernardo Ferrándiz and his team, it depicts the commerce, industry, and port of Málaga in the 19th century. In 2016, the stalls were restored, preserving their original splendor. Ferrándiz also created the stage curtain, where he portrayed himself as Mephistopheles.

Alegoría de la Historia, Industria y Comercio de Málaga
Photo: Allegory of the History, Industry and Commerce of Malaga on the roof of the Cervantes Theater
Telón de boca del Teatro Cervantes de Málaga
Photo: Curtain with self-portrait of Bernardo Ferrándiz de Mefistóteles

An Impressive Facade

The main facade of the Teatro Cervantes comprises three levels, featuring a lower section made of stone rectangles. Originally, the facade included cast-iron lampposts, which have now been replaced by an elliptical cornice above the central three entrances. In 1985, the lateral facade of the building underwent restoration and currently houses administrative areas, dressing rooms, and a temporary exhibition hall.

Teatro Miguel de Cervantes de Málaga
Photo: Current main façade of the Cervantes Theater in Malaga

Contact Information

Address: Calle Ramos Marín, 1, 29012 Málaga

Phone: 952 224 109


How to Get to the Teatro Cervantes in Málaga?

The Teatro Cervantes is located in the center of Málaga, on Calle Ramos Marín. Here are some options for getting there:

  • Public transportation: You can use Málaga’s public transportation to reach the Teatro Cervantes. Several bus lines have stops near the theater. You can also utilize the metro service, with the nearest metro station, Alameda Principal, just a short walk from the theater.

  • By car: If you prefer to drive, keep in mind that the center of Málaga has narrow streets and parking may be limited. However, there are several public parking lots near the Teatro Cervantes where you can leave your vehicle.
  • On foot: If you are in the center of Málaga, a convenient option is to walk to the Teatro Cervantes. Follow the signs to Calle Ramos Marín, and you will find the theater at the corresponding number.
  • Taxi: For a quicker and more convenient option, you can take a taxi to the Teatro Cervantes. Taxis are available at various locations throughout the city and will take you directly to the theater.

Remember to check the event schedules and public transportation routes before your visit to the Teatro Cervantes to plan your trip accordingly.

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