The Biznaga Malagueña: A Gift from the Gods


The Biznaga Malagueña is one of the most popular symbols of the capital of the Costa del Sol. It is even awarded as the prestigious Biznaga de Oro (Golden Biznaga) at the Málaga Film Festival.

Malaga Film Festival Awards, the highest award: Biznaga de oro

During your visit to Malaga, you may be drawn to those white, fragrant flowers 🌼 that appear in the image above. They are the traditional Malaga biznaga.

Origin and Meaning of the Biznaga

The term “biznaga” has Arabic roots and translates to “gift from the gods.” These beautiful white and fragrant flowers are not only admired for their aesthetics but are also believed to repel mosquitoes during summer nights.

The Art of Crafting a Biznaga

Crafting a Biznaga is a completely artisanal process. Months before summer, a wild thistle species called “nerdo” (Ammi Visnaga) is harvested and left to dry, becoming the skeleton of the Biznaga. Once dried, the stem and tips are trimmed. Jasmine flowers are collected before they bloom, making it easier to insert them one by one into the skeleton’s spikes. During the night, these jasmine flowers bloom, giving the Biznaga its characteristic spherical shape.

The Biznaguero: The Street Vendor of the Biznaga Malagueña

The street vendors who sell the Biznaga Malagueña are known as “biznagueros.” They carry the Biznagas threaded onto a cactus leaf called “penca,” stripped of its spines, which serves as a base for pinning the Biznagas and presenting them for sale. Biznagueros are often the ones responsible for crafting the Biznagas as well. In honor of this figure, you can find the statue of the biznaguero in the Pedro Luis Alonso Gardens.

Estatua del biznaguero
Statue of the biznaguero

Biznaga Malagueña Souvenirs

Furthermore, there are numerous souvenirs made of wood and porcelain that represent the “Malaga flower.” These can be beautiful keepsakes to bring to friends and family or as a memento of your visit to the city. Don’t hesitate to purchase a Biznaga souvenir—it will be a great reminder of your time in Málaga.

Be sure to accept it if it’s offered to you and indulge in this delight for your eyes and sense of smell as a companion during your visit.